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Promoting Positive behaviour

School Rewards / Behaviour Support Systems

Supporting Positive Behaviour at School


Personal success are rewarded over high achievement or ‘being the best.’ This means that children are encouraged to have a ‘growth mindset’  – this means they do not believe that their ability is fixed (good or bad) but that they can improve and deepen their skills all the time.

Children demonstrating positive behaviour will be rewarded in the following ways:

  • Verbal and non verbal acknowledgement from adults
  • Specific praise both public and private
  • Personal, immediate positive feedback to parents and carers either at the start/end of the school day or by telephone
  • ‘On the spot’ rewards such as stickers and personal reward points
  • ‘Star of the Day’ certificates
  • Four weekly certificates for each class: ‘Child of the Week,’ ‘Beautiful Behaviour’ “Friend of the Week’ and ‘Perfectly Presented’
  • Annual certificates for children who have had 100% attendance
  • Taking Responsibility; children who are reliable role models for their peers will be given additional responsibilities across the school. These will include:
  • Classroom monitors
  • Dining Room Helpers
  • School Council Representatives
  • Playground Leaders
  • Environmental ‘Green Team’ membership

In time, house captains and Librarians as well as Head Boy and Head Girl will be introduced.

Classroom Behaviour Systems

We encourage teachers to personalise their classroom systems for promoting positive behaviour:

Many classes use a ladder system where children start with thier name or picture placed in the middle of the ladder when they are making good choices in class, and can climb the ladder if they are having any significant personal successes. If somebody is not responding to guidance from staff then they can also be moved down the ladder. This serves as a very effective visual reminder.

If moved down, staff encourage children to demonstrate that they can modify/improve their behaviour and will look to ‘catch’ something good to restore the child’s positive position. In rare cases children may continue to move down the ladder and will be asked to visit the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher. The movements give the child full transparency about their current position in relation to expectations. Teacher support each movement with a conversation about which behaviour need to be seen to meet expectations.

In Reception classes they use a rainbow to indicate that everyone is doing well. Significant personal achievements are recognised by children being moved onto a pot of gold. Behaviour that needs to change and improve is signalled by moving a child onto a rain cloud.

Other class based systems include team rewards through marble jars. Groups in the classroom are awarded marbles. The team with the most marbles receives a token reward each week such as extra playtime etc.

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