Vision: Academic Excellence and Intellectual Curiosity for All

Our curriculum has been designed around our core values to raise academic excellence, self-belief, intellectual curiosity and responsibility. Our core values are met by having high expectations for all children for their academic achievement, behaviour, attendance and participation. 

Subjects are designed to promote curiosity where children listen and watch carefully to develop a deep knowledge of the objectives being taught. Children learn by doing and HNPS promotes active learning in all lessons, using high quality learning resources to enthuse children and to make learning memorable. Subjects are designed for practise of knowledge that is remembered and ensures skill development is embedded with knowledge. This allows children to know more and remember more.

Our school days are longer than many other primary schools to combine a wide range of educational and enrichment activities and to enable music to be taught as a core subject.  Frequent opportunities for educational visits through weekly Outdoor Learning and topic based visits enable children to further foster a sense of responsibility when off site and to further embed their learning through ‘real’ experiences. 

At HNPS inclusive learning is paramount to raise the aspirations of all our pupils. It is recognised that all children have abilities, talents and skills that their peers can learn from. Lessons are designed so that all children can meet the key objectives taught. Teachers use a range of pedagogical strategies to ensure children have a broad experience of teaching and learning. Strategies used for children with additional needs are promoted in all areas of school life to develop independence and a strong sense of belonging. 

The development of wellbeing and resilience of children is woven throughout the school day. Daily music lessons provide children with a sense of community in performing together. Family Style Dining provides children with the opportunity to  eat a healthy and varied diet, while building connections with staff and pupils through lunchtime discussions. Supported playtimes provide children with a sense of responsibility towards each other through positive reinforcement. 

It is our intent to equip children for a lively constructive place in society and  to fit them to do a job of worth, through a curriculum with clear goals, expectations and a depth of knowledge and skills.