The Music Curriculum

Year 2 helped to launch the ABRSM 2020-23 String Syllabus


Music is at the heart of Hackney New Primary School

Music is delivered through a holistic string programme where children learn string instruments.  All musical concepts are approached through the voice at first, which are then transferred to instruments later in the programme.  Kodaly and Dalcroze techniques form the basis of the teaching methods and concepts are learned subconsciously. The Early Years and Key Stage 1 Curriculum is set up as follows:

  • Reception have a daily music lesson where pulse, rhythm, pitch, part singing and development of the internal voice are developed through a rich and varied set of songs from different cultures and traditions.  Songs are carefully selected that have accompanying activities or games that demonstrate and develop key teaching points. At the end of the Reception Year children attend a concert in school given by The First Strings Experience Team from The Royal Academy of Music, to help them to choose the instrument they wish to learn in Year 1.
  • In Year 1 children begin learning the violin, viola, cello or double bass.  They continue to have a daily music lesson which over each week comprises a Whole Class Ensemble session, two instrumental specific lessons in smaller groups, and two further musicianship classes, where musical concepts are further developed and instrumental learning is supported.
  • In Year 2 children continue with their instrumental studies and the programme is delivered in the same way as year 1.  Children play increasingly technically demanding repertoire and begin to apply the musical concepts learned in Reception and Year 1 to traditional staff notation.

All Music teaching in the Early Years and Key Stage 1 is delivered through large group mixed ability teaching groups in line with the school’s inclusive policy.   All children learn an instrument regardless of ability to pay as the programme is entirely funded by the school and supporting charities.

At Key Stage 2, children continue with their instrumental studies in smaller instrument specific groups, with the general musicianship classes and ensembles sessions developing into a year group choir and orchestra respectively.  At Key Stage 2 children will also study composition, improvisation, chamber music and music technology in specially designed units of work. The composition unit of work has been developed with Open Academy, an outreach programme delivered by The Royal Academy of Music and approaches composition through a range of stimuli such as pictures and poetry written by the children.  During the project children learn to choose, develop and organise sounds and ideas to create a compositions, which they perform at the end of the unit.

Please view our videos below:

Year 3 playing the Violin

Year 3 playing the Viola

Year 3 playing the Cello

Year 2 playing the Bass

Music Programme Overview For Parents To View