Headteacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Ms Marya Afreedi

Deputy Headteacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Leighanne Walker

Assistant Headteacher - SENDCO and Designated Safeguarding Lead
Ms Hannah Woodley

Senior Operations Manager
Ms Nurzahan Mohammed

Reception Class Teacher
Ms Burdon-Manley

Currently on maternity leave

Reception Class Teacher and Spanish Leader
Mrs Munoz

Reception Teaching Assistant
Ms Munar

Year 1 Class Teacher
Mr Ahmed

Year 1 Class Teacher and Reading Leader
Ms Lapani

Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Ms Jahan

Currently on maternity leave

Year 2 Class Teacher, KS1 Phase Leader, PE and Assessment Lead
Ms Prentice

Year 2 Class Teacher
Ms Meyer

Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mr Connor

Year 3 Class Teacher
Ms Asare

Year 3 Class Teacher and Maths Lead
Ms O’Reilly

Currently on maternity leave

Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Ms Simpson

Year 4 Class Teacher
Ms Lynch

Year 4 Class Teacher and Art Leader
Ms Cronin-Melksari

Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Ms Murrells

Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Ms McInnes

Year 5 Class Teacher
Ms MacKay

Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Ms Chiheb

Year 5 Class Teacher and Computing Lead
Ms Wynne

Year 6 Class Teacher, Years 5 and 6 Phase Leader, Science and Quality of Teaching & Learning Lead
Ms Caplan

Year 6 Class Teacher and History & Geography Lead
Ms Singleton

Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Mr Barnett

Cover Teacher, RE, PSHE and RSHE Lead
Ms Albrecht

Cover Teacher
Ms Begum

Cover Teacher
Ms Bowie

Head of Music
Ms Krisztina Gyura

Violin & Viola Tutor
Ms McKenna

Midday Leader
Mrs Bryan

Midday Leader
Mr Jeffers

Midday Leader
Ms Begum

Midday Leader
Ms Lord

Midday Leader
Ms Marfani

Ms Protopapa

Mr Mohammed

Site Manager
Mr Baah