Music is at the heart of Hackney New Primary School

Singing is central to daily life at Hackney New Primary School and this goes beyond the singing that happens within the Music Curriculum. The other contexts in which children sing at school are:

  • Weekly Singing Assembly
  • Daily Singing in other Assemblies
  • Singing to support other curriculum areas such as Maths, Spanish and History
  • Singing to support transitions in the day

Hackney New Primary School has worked with Sing Up to develop singing within the school achieving the Silver Award in Summer 2017 and Gold Award in Summer 2018.  The school hopes to begin to work towards the Platinum Award once the revision of the Awards has been completed by Sing Up. Through Sing Up the school has:

  • Given children greater ownership and control over their singing choices
  • Increased awareness of vocal health amongst children and staff
  • Supported staff with the teaching of songs
  • Identified pre-existing strength within the staff team
  • Supported less confident teachers with singing
  • Strengthened the relationships between different communities within the school through an intergenerational singing week, where families suggest songs from their home lives and cultures for children to learn in school
  • Grown the size of the school singing community through a staff and parent choir
  • Formed links with Freedom 60 Club, a community group for pensioners, who warmly receive performances from the school

Reception singing Mini Mini Birkush

In September 2017, the school embarked on Ex Cathedra’s Singing Playgrounds Project. The project began with a workshop day where children were taught how to be Singing Leaders and teach other children Playground Songs with games.  This has led to:

  • Children taking greater ownership of their singing
  • Improved playtimes
  • The introduction of a Singing and Performance Area in the Playground

The Singing Playground Project has been taken forward by our Assistant Headteacher and since September, the number of singing leaders in the school has steadily grown.