Representation in the Music Curriculum

Although the school music programme is based on a holistic string programme, which is firmly rooted in the Western Classical Tradition, every effort has been made to ensure that it is representative of the school community.   The repertoire through which musicianship and string lessons are taught is diverse, covering a wide range of styles, genres and traditions. The aural methodologies and improvisation units of work reflect the aural traditions of parts of the school community and school based listening is drawn from the same wide range of styles, genres and traditions.  Furthermore every effort has been made to depart from traditional stereotypes, with examples of female conductors and BME string players, so role models exist for the whole school communities, with Nicola Benedetti, The Kanneh-Masons and Chi-Chi Nwanoku. The music department will endeavour to represent musicians that cross from their communities into different styles and traditions as not to limit children’s aspirations.

The music curriculum will also aim to cover World Music, through listening in musicianship lessons, and units of work that give children opportunities to learn African Drumming, Samba and Gamelan.  It is also planned that these units of work can be developed to mirror areas of focus in other areas of the curriculum as with singing week.

The music department will work with other curriculum leads on a more ad hoc basis to link with other activity in the school.  This may take the form of a Singing Week when the music team will work with a community in the school and showcase songs from that community’s traditions, which could link to work in Hackney History week or historical topics being covered.

The music department is seeking to broaden the representation in children’s live musical experiences to find these performances for children that give a wider spread of representation.  Furthermore, to enhance the existing curriculum offer, the school will proactively work with professionals from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds to contribute to appropriate units of work and deliver music workshops across a range of stylistic musical forms and expose our pupils to authentic musical experiences.