At HNPS we do not believe in traditional homework – in our experience, it leads to frustration, exhaustion and nagging.  There is substantial evidence which suggests that there is little academic benefit from homework for young children.  What does make a difference is when parents know and engage with what their children are doing in school.

We have therefore devised a home learning programme which is flexible to suit different children and their families.  Each term there is a menu of activities and children are expected to complete enough of these to reach a total of 100 points.  

One family might choose to do this on one day by visiting a museum related to a curriculum topic, another child might complete weekly maths and English activities.  The aim is to create positive shared experiences for all families through a mixture of creative and curriculum linked activities.

Our twice weekly parent workshops are designed to give an insight into your child’s learning.  Recent topics include behaviour management, early reading, music, and speech and language support.