Working with HNS

Having successfully opened its new secondary school at Downham Road, Hackney New School Trust strives to make links and share resources between our two schools wherever possible. Working closely with Hackney New School provides many benefits for the children who attend our new primary school:

  • Transition between schools
    Children who attend Hackney New Primary School have priority places at the secondary school. Children have many opportunities to become familiar with the secondary school and its staff before they start in Year 7. This enables us to ensure all children are ready for the next phase of their education and can make the smoothest start possible to their secondary school career.
  • Specialist facilities
    Older children at the primary school are able to make use of the secondary school’s excellent facilities, including science laboratories, computer labs and sports facilities.
  • Specialist teachers
    Subject experts from the secondary school support the teaching of subjects such as music, French and PE at Hackney New Primary School.
  • Shared resources
    Children at the primary school have access to sports equipment, ICT resources and other special equipment.
  • Coordinated school days
    The two schools work together to ensure it is easy for parents and family members (such as older brothers and sisters) to drop off and collect children from the primary school.