The School Day

We have a slightly longer school day for all, with breakfast and after-school provision to enhance the children’s enjoyment and learning opportunities. School begins at 8.45am and continues until 4.00pm each day.

The school day


For every child at Hackney New Primary School, the day is broken down into three key parts:

The Core Curriculum

The time between 08.45 and 12.30 is devoted every day to our core subjects of English, mathematics and music. These subjects are taught every day without fail.

The Foundation Curriculum

The afternoon session between 13.30 and 16.00 are used to teach the other subjects that make up the National Curriculum. Having a school day that continues until 16.00 means we have additional time for PE and games 3 times per week and extended afternoon lessons.

Daily Enrichment Activities

The school operates an extended school day, offering a mixture of clubs and activities between 16.00 and 18.00 every day. The sessions are run by teachers and staff from HNPS, our sister school HNS, qualified coaches or teachers, and outside organisations such as local sports clubs. We aim to offer a wide range of different activities suitable for children of different ages. This range will grow as the school grows, giving children a choice of activities.