Family Style Mealtimes

School Food

We believe that meals shouldn’t simply be about refuelling, but should be a chance to sit, enjoy one another’s company and talk. Children sit and eat together in small tables alongside members of the staff team.

A healthy, filling hot lunchtime meal is provided everyday with a choice of meat and vegetarian options. All of the teaching staff and support staff eat with the children. Everyone sits around a table, with the food at the centre. We start our meal together and then clear away and move onto pudding together.

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Summer School Vegetarian Lunch Menu View here

Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to Universal Infant Free School Meals. From Year 3, for children who do not qualify for Free School Meals, there will be a daily charge for school meals. At Hackney New Primary School we do not have the option to bring in a packed lunch.

Fuel for Learning

Our school meals are provided by Fuel for Learning. Fuel for Learning was born from a shared passion for our children’s health and nutrition. Our aim is to pack in as much goodness into each meal as we can. We believe that food should be eaten the way nature intended – seasonal, fresh and free from additives.We use British produce where possible and avoid refined flour & sugar.All our meat follows the Red Tractor Farm Assured guidelines for animal welfare. We believe it is possible to create healthy meals on a budget.

We hope to influence children to make healthy food choices for life. A satisfied belly is a keen mind!


All children are welcome to join us for a breakfast between 08.00 and 08.45. Breakfasts on offer will include healthy cereals, fruit, wholemeal toast and a drink of water or milk. Once they have finished eating, they are free to sit and read, play board games or talk with their friends or the staff team until school begins.


Children who are staying for enrichment activities are offered a snack at teatime before their activity or club.