Information about our School


Core vision diagram

How we achieve our core vision

  1. Having high expectations of all children
    – for their academic achievement, behaviour, attendance, and participation.
  2. Teaching an exciting and challenging curriculum
    Combining rigorous academic standards and a strong understanding in the core subjects with exciting opportunities to enjoy new experiences and learn about fascinating topics.
  3. Outstanding learning
    We ensure every child achieves a high level of educational progress and attainment. A rigorous assessment programme tracks every child’s progress and together with targeted early intervention ensures no one slips through the net.
  4. Making every moment count
    Our school days are longer than many other primary schools to combine a wide range of educational and enrichment activities. Enrichment activities mean children explore their interests and learn new things beyond the National Curriculum. Our children engage in meaningful activities every day of the school year.
  5. Being an oasis of calm
    Life in London can be busy, loud and fast-paced. At HNPS, we strive to be a calm, quiet place where learning comes first. Children and teachers, younger pupils and older pupils, families and school staff look out for each other. We use meals, group activities and community events to make sure everyone gets to know everyone in our school community.
  6. Being a genuinely comprehensive school
    All children are welcome at HNPS and all are valued. We work tirelessly to ensure every child achieves their potential.
  7. Educating the whole child
    Academic subjects, sports, music, art and drama all have an important place at HNPS, helping to build confidence, skills and a spirit of endeavour and co-operation.
  8. Working with parents
    Our aim is to be a genuine community school, supporting our families and working together to ensure our children succeed.