Neelam Mohammad

Neelam is an Assistant Headteacher at Kaizen Primary School, which is one of the schools in EKO Trust. In her current role, she oversees the Quality of Teaching across the school and has extensive experience in leading early teachers, as well as more experienced practitioners and supporting them with developing areas in their practice to ensure that children receive high quality educational experiences. She also holds a MA qualification in Coaching and Mentoring which supports her with providing high quality mentorship to help teachers and leaders grow and become more skilled as practitioners. Neelam is involved in lots of school improvement work and is currently working on a project with schools in Ipswich to support with raising their attainment and progress for Key Stage 2 outcomes. Neelam also leads Mathematics and is currently working very closely with the Maths Hub. She is a Mastery specialist and is very excited to work with children, parents, practitioners to raise their aspirations of maths teaching and learning.