Rights Respecting School

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Hackney New Primary School receives the Rights Respecting Silver Award a prestigious Unicef UK Award



HNPS promotes the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and we are working towards being a UNICEF recognised Rights Respecting School.

This means that we place the language of rights and responsibility at the heart of our behaviour policy and Personal, Social, and Health Education lessons.

Examples of rights from the Convention and how we apply this in school include:

  1. Article 6
    every child has a right to life, to survive and develop
    This is the key to understanding why we have certain rules at school.
  2. Article 12
    every child has a right to a say in matters affecting them
    This is the key principle of our school council.
  3. Article 28
    every child has the right to education
    We use this right to explain the importance of not calling out and working together in the classroom.