Outdoor Learning

Our Outdoor Learning is linked to our PE and the Wider Curriculum. Our vision for our pupil is that they are successful learners (Academic Excellence), confident individuals (Self-belief), effective contributors (Intellectual curiosity) and responsible citizens. Learning need not take place solely within educational buildings. The outdoor environment has massive potential for learning and we are keen to see all our pupils having positive learning experiences in a variety of settings. 

Our progressive outdoor learning experiences are delivered through a combination of school based outdoor learning and residential programmes. Whilst our pupils in reception participate in our Forest School programme, our Years 1 to 6 have regular outdoor learning sessions.  

School Based Outdoor Learning:

These sessions take place weekly in Autumn 1, Spring 2, Summer 1 and Summer 2 for all our pupils from Years 1 to 6. 

Our outdoor learning programme enriches the curriculum and makes learning fun, meaningful and relevant for our pupils.

Residential programmes:

Year 5s go on a two day residential programme 

Year 6s go on a week long programme

The duration of a residential visit offers a unique form of intensive experience which encourages our pupils to engage with staff and peers at a deeper level and build relationships. Spending time away from the home environment gives children and young people opportunities to
• confidence, by living more independently and making their own decisions
• resilience, by having individual and group ownership for learning, community living and sharing
free time
• a sense of adventure, by exploring new places and new environments
• an appreciation of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through physical activity
• a chance to reflect on experiences and learning.