Music is at the heart of Hackney New Primary School

Why Music?

We’ve chosen to make Music a core part of our curriculum because:

  • Musical performance rewards individual effort and teamwork
  • Learning to play an instrument teaches focus, concentration and perseverance
  • Performing, composing and appreciating music is beautiful and joyful.

Along with English and Mathematics, Music is a core subject at HNPS:

  • The school day begins with a music lesson for every class.
  • Children at the start of Phase 2 (age 6) have the opportunity to begin learning an instrument through small-group tuition.
  • As the school grows, children will have the opportunity to play with others in groups and bands, regularly performing to different audiences.

At HNPS we are working to become a Rights Respecting School, where our practice adheres to the UNICEF Convention Rights of the Child.  We believe our music curriculum fulfils the aims of the Convention in the following articles:

Article 13, Freedom of Expression

Article 29, Goals of Education

Article 31, Leisure, Play and Culture

Please see this article on the importance of keeping a beat: Researchers link ability to keep a beat to reading, language skills.

View our Music Policy here