Hackney New Primary School is organised into three phases. Each day at school comprises of the Core Curriculum in the morning and the Foundation Curriculum in the afternoon.

Phase 1 (Reception and Year 1)

Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview Reception

Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview Year 1

Children in Reception are taught from the Early Years Foundation Curriculum and Year 1 children from the National Curriculum. The aim of Phase 1 is to settle children into school life as quickly as possible, supporting them to become autonomous and independent learners, who are calm, kind and considerate to others. There is a focus on teaching every child to read, alongside rigorous teaching of the other core subjects. Our aim is to address quickly any differences in children’s early experiences through high-quality teaching and targeted support, so all children are able to play an active part in school life.

Phase 1 have a separate outside area for play. We hope that Phase 1 days are full of excitement and wonder as they learn about the world and develop their own interests. For details of the curriculum, see an example Phase 1 day.

Phase 2 (Years 2 and 3)

Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview Year 2

Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview Year 3

By the end of Phase 2 we hope that all of our children will be committed learners, with the necessary core skills to access a rich and challenging curriculum and the curiosity to extend their learning. Children in Phase 2 receive specialist teaching for music and Spanish. Phase 2 have their own play space for break and lunchtimes.

All Phase 2 children have the opportunity for small-group music tuition. We hope that the great majority will take advantage of the enrichment activities we offer, staying later at school each day to follow their interests and discover new activities. For more details, see our sample Phase 2 timetable.

Phase 3 (Years 4, 5 and 6)

Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview Year 4

Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview Year 5

We have the highest possible expectations for children’s achievement right across the curriculum. Our aim is for every child to be ready for secondary school by the end of the phase, able to communicate clearly and lucidly, both orally and through their writing. Phase 3 children have the opportunity to read and study great literature, encountering ideas and concepts beyond their current experience. Our children are taught to think and reason mathematically, applying a their fluency in maths to solve a range of abstract and real-life problems. The challenging and motivating curriculum at HNPS enables every child to become well-rounded and interested in both their learning and the wider world beyond school. Children in Phase 3 have specialist teachers for music, English, mathematics, Spanish and PE. Children in Phase 3 have the opportunity to make use of the resources at our sister secondary school, ensuring a smooth transition to secondary school.

We hope every child will take the opportunity for individual instrument tuition and will join one of our bands, groups or ensembles and perform regularly. We anticipate that every Phase 3 child will make the most of our extended school day to attend enrichment activities. For more details, see our sample Phase 3 timetable.

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