As part of children’s ongoing progress tracking and assessment, we are using a software programme called Tapestry.

With Tapestry each child has their own individual online ‘Learning Journal’ which records photos, observations and comments in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and National Curriculum from Years 1-6. This helps us to build up a record of their interests and achievements during their time in school.

Replacing the more traditional paper ‘Learning Journal’ where copies of work and observations were kept in a child’s individual file, this software allows us to provide a ‘live’ online journal of your child’s personal development. Observations are linked to the assessment bands in the curriculum and we can use them to help us evaluate coverage of the curriculum and individual progress.

One of Tapestry’s main benefits is that it allows parents and carers to access and contribute to children’s learning journals. It can be downloaded as an App on your mobile device which will sync automatically with images and videos taken on your phone.

We know just how much is done with children at home and it is wonderful to include this learning in their Tapestry journal.

How does it work?

  1. Parents receive a link to their own unique Login to Tapestry. This login only provides access to a parent’s own child’s Learning Journal and does not give access to any other child’s journal.
  2. We send home User Agreements for signing to ensure that no images or observations from Tapestry are shared on any social networking sites to protect images of other children that may appear in any photos on Tapestry

The focus is always on the work with the children rather than on records and assessments. Please expect no more than two new observations to be uploaded each week. Parents are alerted by email when a new observation has been added to your child’s journal.

Please visit our Tapestry guide page for more information.