Advocating for Music (Artsmark)

Music is at the heart of Hackney New Primary School

The Artsmark award is a natural choice for a school such as HNPS as arts are at the core of everything we do.  The teaching and learning policy of HNPS is underpinned by involving children in rich and practical stimuli, drawn from Art Forms including Art, Drama, Literature and Music.  To teach History we may use a rich text as core book starting point. Aspects of the text will then be lifted and understood through drama, art, science, maths and music. Children may learn key information through song, they may build and test inventions comparable to those they are learning about and they understand historical figures more deeply through dramatic and written character studies. This is an approach that promotes good progress for all of our children and includes children of all starting points.

We have embarked on our Artsmark journey, in which we intend to carry out a major piece of scientific research to find evidence for the impact of the learning of Music on cognitive development of children.  The project will have the following aims:

  • To investigate what impact musicianship training has on other academic outcomes.
  • To use study findings to strengthen the cross-curricular links between music and other subjects.
  • To create relationships with and provide training to local schools and arts practitioners.

Through this piece of research we hope to strengthen how music integrates with other subjects in school, strengthening outcomes for children.  Further to this we hope this research will make the case for keeping Music in the curriculum, helping organisations that are working tirelessly to keep high quality music education in the lives of our young people.

Artsmark Statement of Commitment view here

Hackney New Primary School has been working with research scientists Kathryn Mason and Alice Bowmer who have a particular interest in the cognitive benefits of the study of music to design a research project to find scientific proof of the benefits of studying music.  In September 2019 the first phase of this project began, with the scientists working in our two Reception classes.