Reception New Starters 2021 – 2022…….

Dear Parents and Carers, 

I am delighted to be welcoming you to Hackney New Primary School.


Please find above our offer brochure which aims to answer lots of the initial questions you will have. Please also note the invitations to some welcome meetings and key dates on page 7. 

You will see on our brochure that we will have home visits or doorstep visits (depending on social distancing restrictions) starting from 17th June until 9th July – every Thursday and Friday. 

Home Visit

Through June and July we will be arranging a time to either come to your home or doorstep visit. During this 30 minute session, two members of the EYFS team will join you at your home or doorstep (depending on social distancing restrictions), where one member will talk through important transitional information and the other will play with your child and build relationships. 

Please note the two members of the EYFS team who attend your home visit might not be your child’s teacher. However, we are planning for your child’s teacher to come and say hello in September before they start school. It is worth remembering that when your child starts school, they will be working with all the adults in the department, so it will be good to meet as many of the friendly faces as possible. 

It is normal for parents and caregivers to have lots of questions, worries and queries about their child starting school, we will endeavour to help ease any anxieties and answer any of your questions along the way. The best time for this will be on the home visits, during the transitional phone calls or on the transition afternoon. However, I appreciate that things will crop up along the way, if so, please do not hesitate to contact me via email on:

Pupil Premium

If you think your child and family are eligible for Pupil Premium funding, please follow this link and apply through Hackney Education:

If your application is successful, please inform the school and we will prepare a uniform voucher for you to spend at Trutex (London Fields). 

We look forward to meeting you all soon,

Kind regards