School Meals

We believe that meals shouldn’t simply be about refuelling, but should be a chance to sit, enjoy one another’s company and talk. Children sit together in small tables alongside members of the staff team. Older pupils and staff serve as role models for the younger pupils and we hope meals at HNPS help to develop friendships across different age groups and support our caring, family ethos.


All children are welcome to join us for a breakfast between 08.00 and 08.45. Breakfasts on offer include healthy cereals or porridge, fruit, wholemeal toast and a drink of water or milk. Once they have finished eating, they are free to sit and read, play board games or talk with their friends or the staff team until school begins.

Morning Snack

At morning break, children can sit and eat a piece of fruit before they go out to play. A glass of milk is provided for children in Phase 1 and 2 (Reception to Year 3) and a drink of water for everyone.


A healthy, filling hot lunchtime meal is provided everyday with a choice of meat and vegetarian options. Children sit in family-style groups on small tables with staff and children from across the school. This helps to develop links between children of different ages, giving the older children the chance to care and be responsible for the younger children. School lunches are provided free for children in Phases 1 and 2.

HNPS Menu Spring/ Summer 2016

HNPS Lunch Menu Autumn 2015


Children who are staying for enrichment activities are offered a snack at teatime before their activity or club.