Core Curriculum

The time between 08.45 and 12.30 is devoted every day to our core subjects of English, mathematics and music. These subjects are taught every day without fail.


Learning to read, write and communicate effectively are the most important things children can learn at primary school. At HNPS we have the highest expectations for all pupils, ensuring that every child learns to read and write well. English is taught through whole-class English lessons, small group work and individual work with an adult. Our curriculum is built around studying great stories and literature, ranging from fairy tales and poems in Phase 1 to great contemporary and classic novels in Phase 3.


The teaching of reading, both the technical aspects of decoding language and developing the ability to understand complicated texts is one of the most important aspects of school life here at HNPS. It is vital that every child learns to be a competent, confident reader if they are to achieve well in later life. We hope that through inspirational English teaching and a school culture that values reading, we can help every child to develop a love of books and become a lifelong reader.


It is our aim that all pupils who attend HNPS leave us able to write clearly, accurately and coherently, with the ability to adapt their language and style to a range of contexts, purposes and audiences. Expectations with regard to handwriting and presentation will be high.

Spoken Language

Oracy has a central place in our curriculum, reflecting the vital importance of spoken language in our pupils’ development. Children are supported to speak in Standard English at all times whilst at school. There are opportunities for children to talk right across the curriculum as this is an important way in which pupils develop their vocabulary and secure a deeper knowledge of a subject. In addition to making formal presentations and participating in debates, pupils are challenged to elaborate and explain clearly their understanding and use language to explore ideas.


Expectations are high for all children in mathematics. It is our aim to teach every child to acquire fluency in procedures and develop a conceptual understanding of the mathematics they use, selecting from this knowledge to solve problems. At HNPS, we approach mathematics as a creative discipline, giving pupils the ability to think in abstract ways.


Like our sister secondary school, music is a key part of life here at HNPS. The school day begins with a music lesson for every class. Children at the start of Phase 2 (age 6) have the opportunity to begin learning an instrument through small-group tuition. Individual instrumental tuition is available for all children in Phase 3 (age 8 and upwards). We hope that every child will take advantage of this opportunity. As the school grows, children will have the opportunity to play with others in groups and bands, performing regularly to different audiences.